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Computer Science: Websites

Using Websites

Below are some established, high-quality websites useful for a many types of technology-related research and there are endless others you can find on your own. However, when doing web-based research, remember to carefully evaluate the accuracy and reliability of information your find on the open web.

The Library's Source Evaluation website can help you with this evaluation process.

Technology News Sites

ArsTechnica is a technology-related website that covers technology, science, and gaming news along with editorial comment and analysis.
Gizmodo is a technology blog dedicated to the latest technology devices.
LifeHacker is a content-rich blog dedicated to life hacks and software productivity.
Slashdot covers every aspect of computer science from emerging technologies and gaming to programming and the technology industry.
TechCrunch is a blog dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.
Wired News is a daily news website covering all aspects of technology.

Devices and Reviews

C|NET is a major portal for technology reviews, news, downloads, and price comparisons.
Engadget is a multi-blog website covering consumer electronics and technology.
Technology Review
The oldest technology magazine in the world (est. 1899), Technology Review aims to promote the understanding of emerging technologies and to analyze their commercial, social, and political impacts. Technology Review is published by MIT.
The Wirecutter
The Wirecutter includes lists of the best gadgets and gear for people who quickly want to know what to get.

Learning and Research

HowStuffWorks includes countless articles and videos explaining how a wide variety of technologies work. Click on "Communication", "Computer", or "Electronics" in the top navigation area of the website.
Khan Academy
Khan Academy offers free practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard covering math, science, computer programming.
MIT Computer Science Courseware
Free lecture notes, exams, and videos for full MIT computer science and electrical engineering courses. No registration is required.
Stack Overflow
Stack overflow is an open forum featuring millions of questions and answers covering a wide variety of programming topics. This is an invaluable resource for debugging and finding tips for your programming projects.
Professional IT news, research, and peer-to-peer advice from the large community of IT practitioners
TED Talks
Free online lectures given by the world's leading thinkers on a variety of technology topics. Click on "Technology" on the left-hand side of the page for just technology lectures.
Udemy Free
Udemy provides nearly 1,000 free online programming and development tutorials.
Most current and emerging technology topics are covered in-depth in Wikipedia. Look for external links and citations for each entry to compare Wikipedia's information with different online sources.

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